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Monday, February 23, 2009

OKAY, so there the story goes, the bad case of the PMS attacked girl. well, not exactly, but close enough. firstly, she hates being bored, she loves money, she loves making money, and then....she hates being a 'trash can.' her definintion of trash can, means that people forcing her to stuff food ito her belly when everyone else refuses to finish up the food, and she obliges, not wanting to waste the food and it being thrown away. she hates it because she wants to lose weight and keep herself from getting any bigger, but unfroetunately her family doesnt get it dont they. they think that she is the ugliest thing they have ever seen and of course the stupidest of all, given the fact that she doesn't do well in school. then she storms up to me, and rips out the pages in my hands now, forcing me to stop writing about her........
okay so i had to end it somewhere, or else i might have ranted about my past for a vey long time. and even tht gets a little boring.
i hate being a trash can.
and there is no checklist today.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

ok checklist first.


thats it.


you know, seeing people on face book reminds me of what i'm not. and it bores me to know that i can't be like that. okay just this once, i am ENVIOUS of interesting people. and to some extent i am interesting, but guess what, i don't think i am that interesting. and i hate it. but i can't be someone else right, i mean that is so not me, not the nas you all know. bah, hateness! i hate it.

im gonna do something cool during this march, other than the fit march thing. i'm going to open up a photoshoot session, finish painting my mural on the wall,( lets see if i can) and be myself! scrapping all the things i dont want to do and thinking of the future.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


okay that is what i did! im lazy to blog anything, just for you to check is fine...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


who said that?
it must be...

well, that is the reason why im doing this, lets see.
it's because i get teased a lot about it when i was young.
and i still am now, and i chased people from the track team last time for calling me that.
but i dont do that now. hah, maybe thats why i'm doing it.

okay, if you still dont get what im talking about, im talking about losing weight and toning up my body. hell yeah! im gonna do it! but firstly i want you guys to make sure i dont falter half way and give up completely. so i'm gonna do a checklist and post it up on this blog, and the theme for this month is

it sounds good to me!

so let the checking begin!!
  • 5 bmx-es (heel raise, crunches+ punches to the stomachs as said by akif, push ups, jumping jacks, leg lifts) x15x5sets
  • skipping
  • swimming( once fortnightly)
  • kicks and punches
  • brisk walking (because i hate running)
  • dance practice (once a week)
  • cycling( woo! when we go east coast)
then i will tell you my weight and such. and the after march weight.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

so, everything is perfect don't you see.
it's like everything is in place.
can you hear my scream.

because i'm telling you a lie.
hints, for someones.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

im nt here anymore, im at class doing things i should be doing. okay this post is for thursday

Monday, February 09, 2009
tangled web we spin


hey, there once again, it's been a really long time since i've been here, droping by just to say hello seems like a difficult task right now, with all the time in the world, but no empty space to fill.
okay i think you might not understand what i'm actually saying. because here between me and you, i don't even know what i'm saying.

let me guess, you have problems too? so do i.
we all have problems in this world, none can comprehend the amount of stress we deal under, but recently, i thank my luck and hard work for bringing me all this small joyfuls in life, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how life seems like it's against you, you always know that it will get better somehow.
to nad, maybe life is unfair right now to you, but you will always know, you can punch me in the face, and i'll take the blow fully, but not before you tell me what is really hidden behind you, everyone has secrets, everyone will have their breaking point. trust me, i've been to the breaking point once and i think i'm pathetic.

let me list down all the pathetic-ness i've felt throughout the year,
-no boyfriends for the whole of my entire life
-never been the top scorer of anything
-dissappoint my parents in everything i do
-felt like shit
-lost friends i loved.
-gave up on myself at one point.
-did i mention i was pathetic?

okay since all my air has cleared, now i'll list down all the blessings that i've gotten.
-got into landscape architechture
-run a small business on my own
-achieved many great things
-realised that i can do it
-revived myself from the shit phase
-and had good times, and memories through the rough times we overcame

and that is the best part of my life, but one thing i regret now....

is that i never spent enough time with my family.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

i miss everyone right now. being crazy doesn't help much. hah! nas speak for yourself, you have been like a mad woman once critic was over dumbass!

hah see what did i tell you, being crazy doen't help much , it only makes you feel sane. (:
what do i do now?

i'm telling you now, that i don't have a proper life now.
it gets boring once project is over, but my life doesn't neccessary have to revolve around projects.
i miss syarf, because i didn't attend her birthday dinner. i'll make it up to you next time, we'll have the best day of the day we have so far.

a little shoutout for athira, happy birthday girl! we love you and you know that.
hope u liked the 'hair dye' we gave ya!
and the rest of course.

i feel like being on hiatus for a little while but time does not allow me so, so does reality.
on other hand being busy with the blogshop and taking orders is making me happy, i'm happy because my friends have come to support me so, and thanks to them. (:
(ps. i know what your gonna say, ;get a life and stop obsessing on your blogshop and money!)

okay i get it, it's time to find something new to stat with. and i think i know just the thing.