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Friday, June 22, 2007
Dance courses?

nope not the one ur thinking....
oi mike...the dance courses like soooooooo x another 100million
expensive leh
but for $120 +$10 for the total courses
quite okay rite?
8 classes....but really must make sure it is gd man
dun wun to waste my $$ for ones that i noe olreadi...
aiyo...the formation of grp thingy?duno yet if can make....
long tyme nvr talk to u rite....like almost a year...wad u go back thailand arh....
i noe lah i rated N16 rite....luckily not rated Z100.
Die arh...i not that old....
tht one even worse than R21

Thursday, June 21, 2007
In love

When you are together withthatspecial someone, you pretend to ignorethat person. But when that specialsomeone is not around, you might lookaround to find them.At that moment, YOU ARE IN LOVE.
Although there is someone else whoalways makes you laugh, your eyes andattention might go only to thatspecial someone.Then, YOU ARE IN LOVE.
Although that special someone wassupposed to have called you long back,to let you know of their safe arrival,your phone is quiet. You aredesperately waiting for the call!At that moment, YOU ARE IN LOVE.
If you are much more excited for oneshort e-mail from that special someonethan other many long e-mails,YOU ARE IN LOVE.
When you find yourself as one whocannot erase all the emails or SMSmessages in your phone because of onemessage from that special someone, YOUARE IN LOVE.
When you get a couple of free movietickets, you would not hesitate tothink of that special someone.Then, YOU ARE IN LOVE.
You keep telling yourself, "thatspecial someone is just afriend, butyou realize that you can not avoidthat person's special attraction. Atthat moment, YOU ARE IN LOVE.
While you are reading this, if someoneappears in your mind, then YOU ARE INLOVE
with that person...<3

Sunday, June 03, 2007
holla goes the automachanic2

lol you all should see this....recomended by alexis....found it funny....and stupid but then again...the world need loads of laughter right

holla goes the automan

MY life has officially become boring....MOOT!!!!! now now nasuha don't you worry....studying won't make you dull.....it makes you smarter.....

tell that to the QUEEn of England.....

i studied....fantasized.....napped....chatted.....went out......and then checked my mail....how boring is that....

now i wonder....should i make my blog into a food blog? a movie review blog? or just my journal.....

i think i wna to make it into a chocolate blog......i noe, why cocoa? it is an aphrodisiac.....a thing that makes you happy i mean slap happy when you are feeling down......grab one and chomp onit....it tastes good.

i could even make a review on instant noodles....how great is that?

okay not that great

Friday, June 01, 2007

lets play tic tack toe.....lol nvr in the right mind aye. well today is my fathers burfday and loads of others on my firends list. damn...loads of them...okay well only abt 3....thts alot right? i did study for my chemistry today.So yea.i did try to improve my grades(*winks). i went out with jonahh and lexis a while to the library b4 buying chilli crab for ABAH(*drum rolls).They are so funny.lame i guess. well jonahh was wearing this huge jumper that belonged to lexis.from far i tot she was lexis. LOLlexis...yea u have grown thinner....SRY JON. its not too late for me rite? tokeep check of myself. i feel tall but i am not tall.i feel Stumpy.i think. Well then i forgot to lend JOn my books cos i totally forgot about it.

i did recieve a good comment from my friend SYAF.she told me that my compositions are good but i just don't know how to write it properly. My vocabulary is fine. My ideas are fine. Its just lacking an OMPHS....yeah the GREAT OMPHS......tnx syaf....

i cleaned my stupid room today....looks much more spacious now.and my bear is much more hip. hes wearing my oversized jock jacket now.looks more like a strap jacket. okay...my blog is booooring you right...i noe..so i guess i'll end it here. NIGHTS =)