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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Today's post is all about relieving child-hood.

As i was making my journey to meet my friends at Orchard, i was engulfed by the sight of prams and strollers! It was cuteness overload. I couldn't help but watch those small hands and small feet wriggle and twist about laughing. Parents going out with their kids and bonding. Where has this gone as we grow older? We tend to prioritise friends and others instead of family. I as a teenager, also do not doubt that i am like that. Family days has turned into shopping outings with friends instead of family. Maybe the age gap and the mindset of us teens is that, "parent's don't get it!". All that is excuses.

Our parents were once teens like us too, and you'd think they don't understand, but guess again, when they were teens too, they thought the same thing about our grandparents!

Halloween!Rain!Fun! I still remember the time when i was young, and afraid of the scary ghouls walking around Orchard road. Ohh! How i used to walk a big detour just because they started scaring me. But now, i just look to see if these ghouls are wearing Vans sneakers! I should go out in a costume too, but i'm missing the fun out because i'm right here writing this post while it is raining. I has been raining since 5 in the afternoon till now, and now it's just half past 10 in the night.

It had been ages since i actually ran in the rain. I love the feeling of the cold rain against my skin and running in the rain once in a while is relieving, especially with friends who scream like a girl as we run in the rain. The taxi queues were long and it stretched as far as my eyes could see until, well i reached the end of the line of course. People were staring at us crazy fools running in the rain. I guess they were jealous of us playing in the rain. Conservative people do not like to play in the rain because you will catch a cold after that. I however, do not like to follow rules. Just take a hot shower when you get home and change to dry clothes and keep warm it shouldn't be a problem. (*Remind me the next time i go out, i am to wear, jeans and t-shirts, because i cannot stand running in a skirt!) And after all that, it felt really good to actually had done that today...

And now, im all toasty and dry at home, wondering about......


Friday, October 30, 2009
First meetup

Hey readers,

Now's the season to be au-naturale! (falalalala-lalalala). Hello all, i guess now i'm back with a vengeance. To blog a proper blog post. Or should i say, an advice column (*ahem).

So what has been going on in the latest season of fall this year. Brown tones makeup, to suit the falling leaves of autumn. Yeah baby!

Looks, beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. Do you believe it? Do tell me your views at nasuha_hamdi@hotmail.com!

Imagine 20 years down the road after marriage, when menopause hits you, and the beer belly protudes out of your belt. Looks decieve you. When your partner is balding, would you still be saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I'm guessing that many of you married people, must be thinking of the other's looks when you had first met them.

Let me share my experience of meeting a guy whom i do not know for the first time. "I get butterflies in my stomach, from nervousness. I don't like that feelling very much. In fact that is the feeling which makes me want to chicken out and pray hard that i do not offend the guy. I dress like i usually do, in my baggy boyish outfit. In the end, we'd always end up being good friends, because i'm like one of his buddies..." I realised that my very first intention of meeting him was wrong. i was expecting fireworks, even though i know that they probably want a demure petite girl, and i'm not what they expect. I guess it went the same vice versa?

And if i haven't mentioned, I used to be all, "ooh, isn't that guy cute", and that is what we call, superficial. But then i realised that i wouldn't be able to get any guy like that, because they won't go for girls like me. Yeah, that's right, what a pessimist! But once i got used to being a single lady, i'm starting to like my freedom, without having to please anyone but myself.

So all in all, it's just looks IS in the eye of the beholder. What i percieve to be cute isn't what other's seem to be cute. But if our intentions of becoming friends is sincere, then i guess you wouldn't have any problems making more. That is it for today! Do drop me a reply about this topic, "Looks is in the eye of the beholder", and leave me your first meeting stories.

by Nas-sue

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hey, i't has been awhile since i've blogged right? ok, i guess tht needs a major correction. i hvnt been blogging properly for a while. so i'm not going to blog properly yet.
put everything in a jar filled with oil. and place a yatch in it so that i can float around in it. hitting the walls as you swivel me around trying to drown me in my boat. but alas, you cannot, for science has defeated you.

ok. it. ended. already.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

basically, i have nothing to post.

but if any ssp-ian comes in to check out on this dusty blog of mine, i'd like to say, lets make this musikaraya work! insyallah everything will go fine.

i think that is about it.