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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Thursday, April 23, 2009

okay, this post is dedicated to a few people. dont get mad at me if i dont mention you. its not that ur forgotten, its just that these people need the moral support they need.

i know you can do it. do this directing to the best of your ability. i dont want people to think that your not capable of doing things that you can reach. smile okay. loves (:

i dont know whats up with you lately, but i know that you have angry-hate issues. lets just say, we should pray. and hope for the best that you get through this okay. like i tagged u just now.(translated: God does not thrust upon you what you cant handle. He is always fair. Treat this as an obstacle)

dont stress up. its not good hahaha even though i know ur nt stressing...YET

Sunday, April 19, 2009

it's not everyday you face with the toughest decision and having to put differences aside.

like i am doing. but i can't control my temper sometimes. it gets hard for me to tolerate things. i get frustrated. and when i'm frustrated i'm definitely angry.

see that is my weakness. so have you found out yours?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

oh, girls, im over him, like totally. (:

and thts the news of the day

hehe. okay so thats the news. and of course i love going trainings. being with friends, but i hate going home late. it leaves me less time to meet mama and abah, and of course whenever i have fun out, i am guilt stricken when i come back home... it always had to be that way isn't it.
but 2mr i'm not going anywhere far, im just going to the hardcourt nearby to practice skate. well, i might go to school to skate or something, but i just need to be close to home right now. ooh damned it sucks. and i miss syarf. i miss the unglam days we have!!!! yeah, the we-dont-care-how-we-look-likw attitude! and i have a tummy ache now. BOO!! time to learn a new trick nas-sue, you need to learn 3 kick tricks by one year. lets see if i achieve that goal. ok. seeing iqmal land his tricks is enough to make me break my own deck, but what are the chances i might get good? slim, but there is still hope. (:
and iffa, im happy for you and wan.
and im not jealous that God, is everyones boyfriend. because he loves us all the same.

Friday, April 17, 2009

im a happy bugger!

oh and i love ABE!

haha i know, random. and i still dont like the word ABE, BE sounds way nicer. :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

help me decide.
to meet him or not to meet him?

tag me at the tagboard. i cant decide.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dush dak dush dak dush dak dush dak.
a beats stuck in my head, but i cant decipher what it is.

"it's morse code u asshole!"

Monday, April 13, 2009


to all those people who have couple-ised and are being with someone they love/like/cinta/sayang/darling/etc. i sincerely give my congrats and wish you all the best in the upcoming relationship. Insyallah it will last. and i'll give my support. i'll try anyway.

and i realised something, that April 09 is the mood for love.
April 09 is the mood for romance.
April 09 is the season of heartbreaks
April 09 is the season of tears and smiles all mashed up in 30 days.

beyond this point is not for the weak.

I"LL LEARN TO SHUT MY MOUTH. and i wont say whats in my head right now, because you wont like it......


i'm counting the days as i'm going back to school. i dread staying at home. but then again, my holidays aren't holidays anyway. transit form school to home, and back again has almost become the daily routine for the holidays. like hazah said, " kau macam pergi 7 weeks camp". true enough i seem to always be in school. but thankfully, there is great company who i'll see in school. and they are the people i love to hang out with. i'm not sure where i'll be later on without SSP. im thinking of getting away, but can i do that? my heart forcefully tells me not to, because then i'd be a disappointment.

but then again, dance is part of me. i've been doing it for longer than i can remember. but im missing skate more than anything right now. not being able to go out and do something is has been the awfullest time im having. im getting fidgety and restless sitting down. even while blogging now, it seems like my arse is telling me to fart and blast off into the sky. Just like Thunder pants.

speaking about the sky. i changed the blog banner.

"he's Superman, but he's just Clark....how can one be a saviour, whilst deep inside be a broken heart"

think about it, he's in love with Lois Lane, but it seems like Lois Lane doesnt see him. She doesnt notice him when he's just Clark. Lois Lane is in love with Superman. Clark is just invisible....and so am i.
I have the right to bleed. and right now i've bled dry. so i'm learning to fill up. (:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

i gotta get rid of my fear of dropping in. and ramps. i gotta try harder.

im happier. and i guess i'll have to learn to shut my mouth.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Thursday, April 09, 2009

there i did it, i fucking did it.
i'd be there for you when your in need for me,
but will you be there when i'm in need of you?
i guess the answer still a stand by.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"looking? i'm not looking because they don't look"
"but i am looking. looking for you"

Oh fuck, can it get any worser? i'm at my wits end, trying to forget whatever i felt for you. and now you come back into my life saying that you like me. i'm trying not to be gullible here, but i'm glad you said that. that part of me wanted to just tell you that i feel the same. but im not glad, because i don't want to be a rebound girl. i know you probably think that your not the best for me, but to me, that feeling would suffice. when you asked if i was going there, i said i didnt have time. it was all to avoid you. i'm just sorry.

& i kept asking if it was an april fools joke, even though i know april fools is only on the 1st of april. but its still april. and jokes and pranks go on year round. and i kept asking it it was really you im talking to. and you said " i swear, why won't you believe me".
you sounded so sad.
i broke down.
please just dont.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


and I'm back with a greater vengeance, seriously. this time, it's to get my voice back. darn it, i just hope my voice doesn't stay this way because it so doesn't suit me. or may be yes? who knows yeah, someone might just love this raspy voice of mine. :)

been seriously busy with TRAININGS. which most of us, get scolded for by our parents. but hey i don't mind the scoldings. because I'm going to have a huge break after this. YEAH! so looking forward to it. But firstly, we all cubs would like to thank Reyza, for all the hard work that he has given towards all this, i know we may be a huge handful to handle, but don't give up on us just yet. we'll make it, we'll pull it through. right CUBS!!! we can make it. like we already did with nusa...

and you guys know what, i miss haddad being here with us during trainings. and i know u do to.