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Monday, January 19, 2009

lack of sleep is killing us all slowly isn't it.
with sleep deprivation all around, it's a no wonder that people are all fired up.

so, many people are stressed, all about this things. whoa! i guess we might need a huge break after this. a holiday far away.....

(the furthest i've been is to malaysia) :(

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm in love with black and white

Sunday, January 11, 2009

OH YEAH! here comes the HAPPY PICS!!!

okay, so maybe its not that cool, but still i like to post up pics that are not so conventional, okay make that very conventional huh. look at the pic on top, look at their faces and see which one is me.

okay like duh! its the unglamest but totally cool pose! with total control of my facial muscles, good job nas!

nice one!

haha. but wait there's more to come.


is up next, hold ur horses people! sheesh!

i think all of them llike so pretty, opps i forgot nads pic, but oh well, i'll post it by itself later.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

well, i've been again blog hopping around my friends blogs, and well, it is kind of depressing really.

and yes that is me. ok half of me to be exact. that is practically one of the few pics i have of the event today. yes very happy that we got to perform, yes very happy that i got to get closer with a lot more of the dancers. and thanks to athira and hazzah and aizat for doing the makeup, makeup and hair respectively. hazzah u did a great job on the makeup, because i look more subtle than my previous encounter with the makeup doom-nation. oops sorry if i offended anyone. but then i forgot to put on lipstick,HAHA luckily its not that obvious, lips are already pink. BAH!

okay i guess its enough of the thank you speach! im not winning an award here, hello.

i guess i owe some people an apology. to be frank, i guess i messed up huh?

we were talking about marriage and rewang(helping out relatives in wedding reception). and mirah asked me what my perfect wedding was.

mirah: Nas. what's your perfect wedding?

nas: i'm not planning to have a big wedding if i have one, if i had one , i would just have a small reception after registeration at R.O.M.M, whereby the reception would be attended by only family members a friends at canadian pizza or something.

mirah: why?

nas: it is to save money. for our honeymoon? i'll go somewhere far. have a memorable one. but my memorable wedding would be to help the less fortunate. do some voluntary work or smthing. then it would be memorable.

you might think i'm crazy for doing this, but this is my dream wedding. to spend as little as possible and help as much people to change their lives for the better. it is not the grandest weddings that will get your relationship to last, it just takes understanding and kindness in each other.

if you say i'm noble, i'm not,

if you say i'm kind, i'm not

if you say i'm selfish, i am

but it is because i want others to realise that money is not everything, "it can bring happiness at a point, and sadness the next"

but before i go, i just wanted to tell you, i got 2 SPSDESIGN badges fro ISA!!!bwahahaha i like!

ok random!

open house

what happened?
cotton candy
edelflower tea(if i spelt it right)
screw ups.

know what? im thinking of just doing a dance to chill out.
then can teach the dancers to dance tht, so that they can have fun.
i'll have pics soon.
soon, i promise

Thursday, January 08, 2009
GLOOMY not emo

it is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.


its not the nicest of colours in the spectrum
but it's the only colour i can see
a tint of yellow, brown, and a little bit of black
just like the stages of my coffee
i sip and slurped my cup of java brew
but bitter and old, so sour it seems
like memories planted at as a seed of hope,
blooming into a beautiful tree,
like the swing attached,
it sways with the wind
longing to be freed
it remains as a seed, just a yellow dot
i can see!
but that's the only colour i see
its like flipping through a photo album you see
if you were just me.


its a shitty day today, and im not loving it.
i dont wanna talk too much to anyone in the next few days
because i dont feel like it.
get on with my work...
the dance...
the models...
and the days...

Friday, January 02, 2009

as i dug up some items in my room, i found memorable stuff that i have not seen for so long.
hey daphne and syarf, do you dtill remember the times we had in class where we had passed notes secretly to each other? i found one of them, and now that i look back at it, we seem to have grown a lot more matured.i cant deny that we do still have those childish mannerisms but look at us now, first years in various schools, and right now i feel as though i AM already 20 years-old. I still have the test tube thingy. 'seamonkeys' see daphne, i told you i would always remember that word as a symbol of the times we had. i look at these items and wished that i could have paid more attention in class,then maybe i wouldve scored better in my exams, but oh well, these scores suit me perfectly well. All those little gossip sessions we had, it was all priceless. and i will cherish them forever.

and katitoot! ur abandoned bear is safe with me, i will keep her safe. (*winks)