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Sunday, May 25, 2008



we were at esplanade, bugis, vivocity and city hall. these were the places we went to yesterday. The four of us. Nas, Syarf,Shalini, Iffa. all were the crazy bunch of people, some i know since last time and some new additions to the gang. Oh, so far, we clicked in place and ditted right in. call it chemistry. 2 MI students same class same department. 2 SP students, same class, same department. coincidence? maybe. well iffa, the pics are up and running, but our oc is still hanging in there. and you're right, we shld go east coast to take pics, the tress there are uber fun to see.

iffa saying goodbyes before the train door closes. and people thought she was crazy. hahaha.
i love my best buds,i missed her craziness loads!
shalini is my new friend, thanks to iffa, shalini is iffa's best bud. they look like sisters dont they?

syaf said we were tourists

wicked witch of the DAISO!!!!i pracrically carred a little girl, shocked her, by wearing this mask.
sayonara and salute!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I found another touch rugger! tht is ferdi! hope to see you in matches yea!

I'm happy, i keep telling myself that.
i am though,
for god has given me life and blessings to be born here
to have enough and to be able to afford enough.
but all these i take for granted.

i have changed my ways of thinking.
to finish all my food,
to not waste water
to recycle and use less.

but now i want to say, i want a MASS DIALOG MEETING
for all these people.

all these people need a mass convo, and we'll be organising it soon.
i'm getting troubled and pissed, and irritating is somewhat telling us to do this.
it's the only method to get it through your freaking skulls, that something is wrong and we have to fix it.

THANKIEU JENNY, YOur a sweet SWEET GIRL! GET WELL SOON! ur leg still injured.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

guys, i'm sadded that i have become this way.
i'm sad.
i'm sad.
i'm sad.

why? it's because i overthink things sometimes.
sometimes i wish i was that bubbly girl you all formerly knew.
i miss my friends, the day that we use to hang out and laugh and get stressed about our projects.

i miss cassie now, because she's...(i'm speechless).

i miss gary, because i don't want to lose a good friend like him. Laugh like you use to, please.

i miss iffa, because i don't want all of us to fall apart. even when i know we wldnt

i miss erin's old self, when she used to be super innocent and didnt frequently use the word "fuck" a lot.

i miss anthony & his big expressions, even though i saw him just now in school.

i miss syarfiqah and erny my besties, because your my other crazy halves, in school and out.
ily besties.

i must be PMS-ing today. i'm an emotional bunch of sadness.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm currently in school right now, so this will be short, hello and good morning!!!!!

and i don't mean tha sarcastically yet.
now begins the sarcasm.

i don't feel like going to school today,
i don't feel like doing anything cept for going for training later on.
i just want to detach myself away from the reality for awhile can?
don't comment, cos i dun wanna know.

i am irritated but don't question me. Dun even dare to ask my friends why. I just am.

Monday, May 19, 2008

i'm tired and not very kind now, so don't disturb or provoke me, disturb me later please...

i'm going to dose of soon. but i'm doing my speech text first....

tada...i'm all done.(thts for 1 hr later speech time)

Saturday, May 17, 2008
A blog post for gary.

Well, allow me to be blunt
the bluntest I can be
to know that I'm no longer afraid
based on what I can see
Hey there little boy
your no longer that kid i knew
to have known you have screwed up
from the time you grew
you now piss me off
with your selfish ways
to put up a front
and say your grace
don't you dare bullshit with me
cos i'm here with my eyes that see
stop your whining and i'll stop mine,
because we're trying to save your behind
to know that our care is not of reach to you
the thick black wall you put to exude
the crying pains you suffer alone
make me want to punch your guts alone

it's very open this blog posts alone,

to know that i've been ranting about you all along

whats more is that this would be the end,

i've spoken my mind and now let's pretend

that i've never been this mad or upset

to know that all along, my weakness is now my threat.

your killing me slowly.

and it was a bad week.

and benjamin, it's alright....

the coke is no biggie. i'll just redo the process and place it at the back...no biggie

well, what do you think of this new blog skin?
one thing to say first, ITs super PINK!!!! ahahahahaha

lovely, isn't it.
i didn't want the common black, hence the cherry pink colour.
maybe the next one would be of a cobalt blue or emarald green. i superbly love the change of colours...teehee!!!!

it's been a while hasn't it since i last blogged. My friendster and blog account has been visited by me but it's been dead, unused.


for all those reasons i deleted my accounts in other online stuffs.
even my inbox has like 481 mail unopened. damn this. and i thought it's not tht bad, well guess again. it's THAT BAD..

okay so im going to post some pictures. that are totally random, of specific year 2008.
okay not mow maybe, since its on another programme

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

firstly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY anthonytanchucksumbo(Anthony Utama Suck SOme Balls??) i seriously don't know!!!!

2ndly!!!:erin i still finding the clicky thing...i try tonight alright?

okay so now for the long awaited postages!!!!

so what happened in my life recently?


this totally rocks man! i went for the training yesterday, and well, i loved it, it was super fun!!!

i totally cannot wait to but my booties! (cue for* apple bottom jeans! boots with the fur!)

but what do i do with boots with the fur? nothing!

teehees peep! i currently have so many ices and inow have to sew some thing for the final product which i totally want man!!!! it's a T-square portable duo bag!!! for my t-board!!!

haha. it would be a total success if i could handle it in the mrt without getting it ripped. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!

see these pictures i seriously love them!!! i took these in a span of a few days mind you....

Thursday, May 01, 2008

she is in the rainbow.