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Friday, February 29, 2008


2MR we have a class gathering at wilson's house to 6 to have dinner or smth, 3;30 to 6pm will be bball time! be there or be square!

hello again blogger,

i now know like several people going to Singapore Polytechnic. Dinie, Joe, Daniel, Aik Cheng, Brady, Qiyi, Greg some guy named De Jun on friendster...my friends friend and cuz, etc.

erny called me today from indon. Said she'll be leaving on the 15th march so that'll b e good for me cos she can go online finally. Sure going to rake up a sum cos was on the phone for 20 mins or more. (hvnt told mummy)

then, watched Bring It On Again (my 2nd time watching in 1 day). Ready, OK!

then looked at my chubby bod, i've got love handles, but no worries, my New Year's Resolution Is to have abs before school reopens, and gosh, it does hurt and tire you out.

DAnced with my sister the whole evening, went crazy like shit! Krumped and shaked, booty-licky shakes, whoa, it was sweating babes!

"cause we gotta shape up!"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

well, let me tell you this,

yes, i'm quitting my job soon because school is starting and no time for job so far away!


but one downfall turnoff is that ahh! noone to go there with, cept my cuz who invited me to join him and his schoolmates to go there, maybe i'll join! yo cuz! we'll be campusmates! if i get a boyfriend dont tell ur mother, cos she'll tell mine! i wont tell if u wont tell.

super bored at home because syafiggi is at school and go home super late, but we'll still be mates rite! never die! sat sun here i come we go watch movie smtime!

we swore to be crew-mates till we grow old,
till we tire ourselves from steppin'
Visit canada we must obey,
to visit the maiden,
of indon-nity
we dress the same
she dress like we
cos we like sisters
Laugh like krumping!

(but syaf i swear to you erny will look so esentric when she krumps)

daphne! you got new bf so keep him happy, dont let him be sad cos i know he is, even when he seems happy! double date daph! promise me!

syaf recently just sent me an sms and said
"syaf: sms me when sm1 sd u hahahah"
"nas: wads sd? anway u joining dance i am in SP"
"syaf: ouh dance here sucks so wont join ....and SD= sound!"
"nas: tell me when a guy bursts ur bubble too!"
double dates mates!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


2day is well, boring but luckily i went to johor, well, to buy clothes and also go shopping. Saw like loads of action lebih( extreme posers) of malay guys. They try too hard, stay low key and most probably you look more hensem.

then my foot created loads of problems, it hurts till now. I have a serious condition about my foot where at arch and ankle, they strain too much. But i don't really mind it. But one thing i know, is that i hate working at "Pigt". they were the one that made my foot injured.

I'M SO EXCITED! and bored at the same time. My cousin is going to SP with me! haha, yesh! then his frens also, but i don't know who's going to SP from my school. ask me if i wanted to tag along with them to go to SP on the 1st day, in my head, awkward, but y not?


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Got Into Singapore Polytechnic Landscape Architechture! wad i wanted!

sadly now we going our separate ways huh? Daphne i'll miss those letters we used to write back and forth and not paying attention to the teacher...hah...super fun misses, i missed those laughters i had with syafiqah when we used to do disruptive stuff in class. i miss the times when my tummy used to hurt because we tried to laugh silently trying not to disturb the rest. I'll miss the times i went out with erny, i really miss her loads! we went out window shopping cos i was broke most of the times. I miss TAF club sessions when we used to cheat and tried to get more than 1 signature for half a round. Erny u are my bomb , Syaf u are my painkiller, Daphne u are my Gossip Girl Magazine! I told you guys loads of stuff, you know my secrets, i know some of yours too. Darn it, im sad! but not crying yet.

________ u are my cure, this is going to be left for someone extra special...

My family u are my lifeline, because i'll never imagine my life without you guys.

i totally cant believe im going to SP landscape architecture, and i went to Mas blog and guess wad? i saw someone going to the same course! ahhhhh...uber cool...

Saturday, February 16, 2008
My 2nd most weird dream

My totally weird dream...(surprisingly i can rmb e details)
so this is a dream that is totally weird to me because i don't know anyone in this dream (cept me) but then i saw,Amar, Shafiq init. Dono who else was there but i swear, this dream is nt true.
i was talking to my group of friends about something, i think it was about the cute guys (that were in my dreams) that were at the fountain. It was pretty crowded there, so i strained my neck....
then this guy(i don't know him) c ame up talking to me i think.
All i knew was that i wanted to stranggle him. Because of i forgot what.
So i did, i pinned him down and started stranggling him with my hands. nvr knew i was that strong. then, all i knew was that he was looking at me with "those eyes"(super pitiful).The police i saw them coming.And i changed my mind cos i thought he was too cute. so i let go, said sorry and i did the unthinkable....
I kissed him squarely on the lips.
Then i ran.
Thinking that he's not the one to have lost my kiss to.
And i woke up....

Friday, February 15, 2008

thanks for the cd compilation zzaki, happy valentines to u too. LOVES PARAMORE love the cd hearts u too bestie. played it at my work place, reminder me of ya! so touched! lol

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happenings 2 days ago (freaky scary)

okay so 2 days ago i was at work, then finished at 3 and met syaf at my workplace to go to library , ordered fries and a kiwi twirl at my workplace.
waiting if we wanted to go orchard or bugis library.
Met li ting, cos she went to work like 1 hr earlier. She bought valentines present for her boyfirend.
So sayf and me left like arnd 5:30 to go to orchard.
Darn we were so stupid, orchard lib was closed already and we were stupidly going up.
So then we decided to go to HMV to go see new cd's.
Got bored after that then we tried to go to bugis library by foot and bus, got lost till we reachedthe Singapore River and gave up.
We stayed there for like 3 hours, (here's a tip, if you wanna relax, dangle ur legs over the railing, make sure ur shoes are off.) listen to the river and of course Mp3, makes the emo shit stuff not bad cos everyone was like so solemn.
then around 10pm, a black guy came up to us using some lame pickup line to get started, like ew. i was going to run away like fast but sadly my legs were dangling.. (here's another tip, take a guy-friend or boyfriend with you, make sure you look attached) i almost laughed because he was trying to pick up syaf, lols, i was going to like sae we need to go now.
Our escape route: i set my alarm to go off at around 10:28 so that it was a phone call, i lied, i was going to go to ask syaf to go now,dar it sayf, i know ur talking abot the time but i know what i was doing. play along, i know what i was doing.
Then he folowed to the bus stop, we were going to take a decoy bus to the nearest mrt...then home we went! yay

Sunday, February 10, 2008
The day when i was boredto death at work, i went to do this

THE DAY I WAS BORED AT WORK I WENT TO DO THESE...Bought a book from MPH, (quite nice actually, the other books were expensive-er)so far i have read like 4 chapters,
Nice smelling body lotion
i lost some hairclips so i went to buy new ones
My faded out flip-flops
My taking orders notebook ran out of pages...when it was my shift...

The ball i bought at the thomson plaza vending machine, it was fun, but i wanted another colour, bu its nice!
Prom pictures that i had printed out a little too late...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Picture I Never Knew Li Ting Had!
eww...i rmb those guys!
erny look, we're twin colours everytime!

what? i have nothig to do!

3.Black Leather Wallet
4.All those pretty things
5.(Only) Necklace
6.Allie Bear! My Cuddy-wuddies!
there will be more to come, but currently i'm too bored to do anything properly!

Being crappy is the best way to survive being the after-torture of being the Attack Of The Killer _________.(whatever you chose)

Thursday, February 07, 2008
Nothing to do at home

its boring at home, no work cause its chinese new year and then, no shops opened to go buy sports stuff...
this is so boring!
changed my blog skin like 3 times, ...
figured how to makde the songs into one playlist finally...
stupid person didn't actually give the playlist thingy...

did i mention i was super bored?
changing blog skin again? probably not nw....
why do shops have to close at this time, like practically all shops?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008
little equations

only when we reach for something when it's already gone,
it's the time you'll miss it even when it appears. -nasuha hamdi

to love someone and to forget, is the hardest thing you could ever ask a girl to do. Girls sometimes forget that guys too hurt when they've been broken... -nasuha hamdi
"to love and to hold, till death do us part "really does not mean a thing to anyone these days, just look at the rising divorce rates? -nasuha hamdi
"123..." you be the continuation to this equation nasuha hamdi
there you fall again, but you think you'll die, but guess what? in that time u were thinking, you picked yorself up without knowing it. -nasuha hamdi
teenagers, secret admirers, we stand from afar, but nowadays being online staring at his'her name can be sufficient even for them to live by. That is what i call motivation. -nasuha hamdi

Monday, February 04, 2008

Missed them loads since yesterday! Salvia u noe,ur like so cute, still so small. The bike ppl say u look so cute. Yep at kit runners.Too bad they nvr give u discount on the bike! lol...won't tht be cool ! lol...both my tees were wet, got home with syaf to a wet seat bus to toa payoh....Syaf went to my house later that night to go do somth. I stayed up till 4;45 with her b4 taking a 15 min nap. lol...i'll miss all of u guys u noe tht.

Erny went back to indo tht morning, couldn't say final goodbye but then again, i think i'd better not. I'l cry when she cries!
we took this at the jetty. self timered it. wished selvia was here, this was another one we took but with selvia init like last yers gathering... see the difference, and goshddd...i miss them all!Must make sure we all gather back again soon...like next year?

it was never too late to say that i'll miss you when all i do is avoid the actual truth, sometimes not letting go was the easier choice of both losing it.-nasuha hamdi

Friday, February 01, 2008

Tribute to the 3 besties