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Thursday, January 31, 2008

well, being sick today didn't have its advantages.

I hated being sick because i cldn't taste my meal and pepsi the normal way...it was all bitter and yuck! i mean, whats with my tastebuds anyway. we went to Thomson Plaza to actually eat Burger King, but guess what? it was changed to Sakae Sushi. So we ate at KFC which was hated cause its like the favourite place for syaf to eat! Favourite Food was Zinger and bandito pocket.

Syaf said she didn't take nice photo's thats why she doesn't make a friendster profile, but i beg to differ, Syarfiggi takes nice photos but the picture's are all with me. Just that she doesn't know cause the pics are all taken with me and erny. Haiyo...now she get new phone can take her pics and upload what! Then she can take pics....and upload lol...
erny looked like she was advertising for KFC, like mmm...so nice, you'll be smiling when u eat it....

This was me, darn it, i look ugly in this....damn i miss those days when we were in school...it was so fun! carefree and totally cluless. I miss the burger king tht we used to go to to eat our meals....i missed studying there! so the meal we had , had something in common, tht was out cheesy fries! there are some pics abt it, darn...i think i lost my appetite..

its like looking at the before, during and after....of the process of cheese fries consumption...

mix it well!...
and tha-dah...there you have it, the mixed-i-just-lost-my-appetite-for-cheese-fries process of consumption!
eating frenzy...crazy dosage of laughter.

secret prep for saturday....shhh...don't tell a soul about it.A picnic! yay...i hope i'll feel better...by then!

there are pictures that show you tht we are out and some, plain useless, but what the hey...pictures are meant to be shared and thus, tah-dah! some randomness of it all.

i'm actually lazy to post becuz, as the time passes by i'm getting sleepy. No work for like 2 wks cos erny came. Anyway, I hate it there and i shan't tell until anyone asks. Darn it, i wnet out just now to go see grasshoppies but dun have. I going to go out again later soon.
All i gotta say is, Rush Hour 3 was the best, considering we watched Mr.Woodcock first. Erny slept most through it tho.
ice cream was the bomb but i cn't sae much abt it cos as far as i'm concerned, it was tasteless!(i'msickmindyou)....I had to practically pretend i cld taste it..creamy chunks of paddle pop ice cream sweet and full of milky flava.....i'm pathetic arn't i.
Syaf feeding bobo some ice cream...lucky animal!ice cream eat, apple dun eat...picky!

Lemme tell you wad happen while syaf and me was surfing the com...erny went to the toilet...
then shh...syaf becomes kancheong...then, didn't know, erny was behind her. She eventually turned to see erny there and then shouted Bahhh.....and that practically scared the shits laughter out of me. I laughed till i was nt even breathing....my chest still hurts from it.
Ouch! then about like somewhere like 8pm Syaiful's teacher came and seriously, he looks like a chekopek!(pervert) Danial was still sleeping near the front door. Lol, so cute.But eww...goosebumbs on my hands....then we all gathered at the kitchen, so can talk in peace.
you guys should see this clip....actually only ppl hu understand malay cos seriously if you don't u cn't understand a word they're saying...
imma gonna see the grasshoppies nw. if have any...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
neclace pressie

thanks Syaf for the AIRPLANE necklace! i know its lovely cos i chose it... like ur b'dae pressie?
i'm still wearing mine. My first ever neclace thts a pendant.

haha, today so cool, but too bad my camera battery ran dead in the middle of it. Thts me erny at the front, syaf and li ting at the back. Honestly, we look too cool. Lol, we actually went there to go see movie, 27 dresses or smth, but ended getting Laid With One of The Most Worth Watching Shows, BODY #19. scary show, twisted and totally thai!

i know i had this problem earlier, but when i went to meet up with my babes, i was totally, RELIEVED.....ha....but i was damn tired lah...

nw also tired. but i wanna post blog posts, b4 2mr comes and a new dawn begins !
we took this last of all b4 my battery went dead. Technically its night, but hey, you can't disagree with a perfectly gd ending.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
I'm now trying to relieve this pain inside, deep down

I'm Sorry For Everything

Deep down i know this crying is useless to do but sometimes, it just hurts....

to cry about things tht ppl cnt help. Like get mad. My mama.

I wanna sae sorry to her but i cn't seem do do so when i'm not in the wrong. My heart is swaying. I'm really sorry mama! Remember that time when you talked to mdm foong and i was hostile to you for like more than 3 days? I'm Sorry for the way i've been to you. This hurts, you treating me like i don't care.

I just wanna explain why i withdraw money. I nid to top up my handphone card, i pay my own meals, my own transport. I draw out money. All the clothes you see arn't the over the top dresses, they're cheap. You taught me to pick out cheap clothes that look expensive, you taught me how to pick the best long beans the best grapes the best material. I just wanna say thank You Mama! (but i'm still crying, cos it hurts ti know) i'm going to poly and guilty for going to such an expensive school. Poly life....

I know you support me and tell me not to worry about the $$ but i feel so burdened just to know that my siblings are going to expensive schools, RGS NUS high And Poly, i wished i chose millenia but i cnt force myself to study like i did in peirce. I refuse.

I'm scared... scared because i know you'll leave me one day. Who knows i might go first. I hate it that i love you so much. If i leave one day, don't cry alright. Be happy for my sake. I'll be happy for you. I'll be happy for Papa. When you tell me not to worry, i worry, when you tell me tht its just the beginning, i know it'll end one day.

i wana turn of the taps to these eyes but i'm afraid, i can't, because its connected to my heart - nasuha hamdi

what ive done recently

well...my mom is in a bad mood and now when i'm going out i don't have any keys...darn it, i'm like soo sad lah...she venting out her anger on me. And now i'm cleaning my room and the dishes and the laundry. I shan't say a word back and retaliate cos all it would bring about is my misfortune. Now in a bad mood to go out. Sigh! i've currently finished my laundry and dishes and cleaning my room, but now i'll have to clean the living room...just my luck isn't it. She's been in a bad mood since 3 days ago, yesterday abt my nails. Today abt the mess... And now she's going to go to work and i have no key to lock the gates with.


now, my ultimate goal is to go and see the world, and beautify it with pretty things.
well thts my second goal anyway...
but i wish to make people realise that Global Warming is caused by us not doing our part to conserve what we take and ripping things away from our lovely planet. I want to study plants and landscape so that when i have the appropriate kno how, i cn save endangered species like the amazon frogs from near extinction. Go green people!


Monday, January 28, 2008

well...this was my first time nail painting and it actually turned out quite gd...i usually just paint my toes. I liked the way they looked at first cos it matched my outfit but when i was wearing school uniform just now, it looked weird man. I was like eww...look like ghost one.... i went to dance but guess what? i didn't go cus Ms Ong was like come at 4.10 to go and teach them some moves then we were like hell no , why must wait tht long...i'll come next week...then okay lor, no prob...I kindo missed them but i hate the instructor...she sucks! i was like, man, she so china and sooo...haiz...miss ms cleo too much i think! she like teach the dance without the song, i'm likew what! stupid instructor. Then we went to BISHAN Library...

to go meet mrs han! she so weird, we took so long just to find her....but she treated us to cheesecake....lol...then we all talk until like what seems like 2 hrs non stop. So funny
she talk abt getting married later we all and how we gonna do career and gossip! ahh...so cool...last tyme i so weird to hang out with her but now since i working olready its much more beta cos My social skills are like gd nw. She kept doing the box motion like 5 times unconsciously then i immitate her, cos it was true, she kept doing tht...SHE LAUGHED! oww.

wen going home dat time i saw, Aisyah frm primary school...So long nvr see her. She so cool nw, llike play the guitar. then she was gonna take the same course as me but in diff choice. Landscape Architecture as her 4th choice...AHH...sho sad! well...we story story story then went home!


my heart can't leave

JAE submission

Well i did my JAE Submission Just now at 11 am and it only took me like 1 minute to finish it, but iwas like please don't screw up. well i'm satisfied even if i have to somewhat give up my dream of being a teacher for now.

1.Landscape Architecture
2.Millenia institute(arts)
3.Environment Design
4.Integrated Facility Des Mgt
5.Horticulture and Landscape Mgt
6.Apparel Merchandising
7.New Media
last few tht i don't really like

thts it for nw since i dun have anything to do. DANCE LATER! hopefully got some things to do.

the living days of 2mr

our starting trip to orchard and SYAF"S BDAY BASH!!!! we were wearing red.LOL...the TRIO was wearing red! Yoiks! tht was gd man. But Li ting wore black and white. Sry! SPOIL the colour coordination. See here, our day begins by going to the MRT and iwas late! ahh sorry u guys!

erny's shirt was like LITTLE SPARK and i tot it meant little PARK, u noe i said, wow, little park heh? ehem ehem....i was wearing a dress, thts red. Honestly i tot i looked like a nun but i didn't i actually looked gd. I just didn't like the way the ppl stared at me. Erny said it was because i was pretty buy i think i just denied it. I'm not tht pretty. Am i ugly?

Then the pic at the bottom was where erny fell exactly at tht spot yesterday while walking bck to the Mrt. Lol i was lufing my ass out! then i had stomach pain cos i lufed too hard! gosh...then there was these indian guys arnd who was like "eh eh eh" and was pointing at her...i went doubling up in lufter... There was also this caucasian manwho was like shocked to see erny on the floor and was hesitating weather to help out or not. He didn't get to.
Erny then went to buy some shoes from Mix Star cos she dun want to slip on her shoe anymore. Haha...Love Yoo Erny!
I then pulled Syaf into 77th street to go and try the beanies...lol...SO CUTE! Loves Syaf!Then it was time to treat syaf to her pizza hut of her choice. Lucky Us!!!! our treat....

the waitress helped us to take this photo! yeay and it was pretty gd considering i had accidentally pressed it to self timer. So SORY BABE U HAD TO WAIT FOR THE TIMER! we ate the prosperity meal one and well truth or dare came out and we put the cheese and chilli into the coke we had....haha dddrink up babes! Tobasco sauce was too late already. well the rest was history! There was this cute guy waitressing and when we left, i asked syaf if she wanted to SLAP his but as a b'dae pressie? then suggested to bang into a cute guy so that fullfill her b'dae... bt sadly, mostly takens were seen.....

2mr wld be another day. Now i'm talking to Haris and he's eating! so i go blogging. What to do?

I got dance 2mr so i gtg mit syaf at her hause to finish pjw 1o1. then acc her to com lab to print her JAE! ARCHITECTURE COURSE HERE I COME!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

what the world means to me is friendship that lasts foreva and ever. the light on my bedside table will illuminate the darkness in the room but not my fear of being alone. I know friends will last forever but will you? I had a fun time 2day going out to pick erny up frm airport...then went to eat.
erny didn't want her pic to be taken so i had to make do with her sexy derreire. Litoot and Erny! Say shit!
well there goes my long day out. Its so fun. But i miss msn. Soo tht means i miss my friends alot. I miss Mike, Dragonfly, Mas, Jes, Scott. Most importantly i missed talking to Syaf ,Erny, Hezwan and Joe. want to know why? easy, its because....ok...i'm caught, i'm dumbfounded...but they give me gd advice yea....

Hey you guys been gd to me and yeah whats a little recognition? its fun babes. Joe u've been a gd NP buddy with Mark Asri they all to me. What? I didnt like hanging out with girls...so sensitive....then there's hezwan. i know ur secrets u noe some of mine, OBS tock seng watch buddies. Gd luck in ur o's this yer and yeah GET INTO ENGINEERING! AEROSPACE!!! JYS!
Then there's the TRIO....syaf, erny, me. CRAZY BUTT slaps and the simple FALLING FEST we have been ultamate friends since sec 1 and now we're on our way to different paths....ERNY=CANADA SYAF= MI NAS= POLY and tht sums it up...millions miles ayay...we'll try to keep this friendship alive...I PROMISE!!
and this was all started by greg's fault for feeding to many gd flashback things and sweet memories into my once depressing life. Now its not anymore! Tnx!

Saturday, January 26, 2008
crazy videos that we did to relieve stress

Vivo Funtime!

this was the first outing as a pair after o'levels
it was so fun having fun time sitting around and doing nothing. I think we went to watch i am legend at tht tyme. guess what? i'll miss her loads when i go to poly even though iwant to go to MI also.

Anyways at there when we bought the popcorn guess what we found?
darn tht was so digusting. somore its insideout.

then we went camwhoring for erny's friendship logbook since she's going away. Its not filled yet.... but it will be!