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Monday, December 31, 2007
Birthday cum countdown....

Birthday cum countdown....

this starts today. and what i got as my pressie? nothing...just that my mom got me a new le coq sportif bag. we didn't really celebrate cos it's like i went to find my bro's bag on my birthday...i got pissed. So i was sulking half the time, i was like going to say, why does my birthday have to be celebrated like this? but i got over it cos i found what i was looking for and when i get my next pay i will treat my family and then my friends and then buy myself a quicksilver bag cos its got the skateboard holder like the one i wanted. now i'm currently using my ownbag as the holder which will probably spoil the material.

ican't wait to get my results and so....my salary and well i really hope god would give me good results. i really need it....well cut it short, i had a blast! not this is going to be an interesting year the year 2008....be happy and make merry!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well, today was the menu training and guess what? we had to taste and tell the different sauces that was bad enough i guess cos some of it was totally sourish but then the sour sream wasn't tht sour so i tot it was just cream that was tasteless, whoa then we even asked Mark to taste the sause and then try to tell us what it was, but he didn't know so we didn't either but it was totally sourish nad salty, Actually it was ceasar salad dressing tht was it. I didn't know it was so salty.
Then i went to play in the playroom cos i was taking care of the place.

so cool, get to play with kids the whole day, well they like to play catching with me lah so i just run, get exercise don't you see, when ur working, you need to try to get as much as you can to stay fit,now i even have strong arm muscles lol.

but i also hated today because they kept blaming me for the stupid things i never even touched, like yesterday, i was working outside man, and Dora told me that yest i didn't close the fucking lights and i was like, (what stupid crap that fucker telling me huh?) than Bambi came in and told me that i have to put the toys in their proper position, and i was like, (hey i have worked in the playroom longer than you did bitch ) she totally sucked justbecause i forgot to close the freaking glasses and pour the water out i was like what? given a crash course reminder lesson? i totally didn't need that.then when going home that time, saw mark in his changed clothings, then i was like i think i have nore dress sense not to wear camo and a silver chain i think, he looked like a ailed ah beng on the streets.

Friday, December 07, 2007
don't like him no more

okay so i'll admit it, maybe my days of feeling like crap shit totally lost now. cos i don't like him no more. Maybe i'll find someone new right, no shit.

i am BRADLEY, known to the kids of course, i don't know why they keep calling me bradley, maybe because my name isn't really suitable for kids to know cos its hard to say? i don't really know, so yeah, agent bradley on the way, see the emo ranger, i like him,my emopet doesn't like the razor so one day i'll probably want him to use it, i really want to see what he does with it.NOW I SO HAVE A TUMMYACHE.

i wished like the chef, he cn cook and so cute, bt i duno his name

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007
Not So Bad

well, yesterday i was too tired to blog or write in my diary, so i guess i'll make it up today. I ate prata late in the night and slept halfway eating it, i left it on my tummy till my bro asked me to put the prata down and use the com, by that time it was around 2 am in the morning. lol. i still have the oil stains on my shirt.

I suddenly realised that he's not so bad, he finally laughed and talked to me, but istill hate him. a bit. then he pulled the blinds too hard and guess what, it partially fell, dumbass. thats what you get for laughing at me lol. he's better i guess. grace was also crazy. than i told uncle halim that he was crazy, always stone and never smile. then he said he was too serious,lol.then when he smilled alot of time, i said he was crazy. i guess tht was an improvement from the previous night when he didn't want to slap my tomato hand and gave me the infamous STONE face.that was when i started to really hate him and now, he's just not so bad.

and his singing totally sucks man, like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives, i still think his singing is bad and so he will thus FAIL in the ULTIMATE SINGING COMPETITION if there is any on the way currently anyway. then DORA, my manager i guess brought his girlfriend after work lol....dora and dora's girlfriend. lol....i hate sundays when all the foreign workers go home using my bus and its always full to the brim!!!! wah!!!!and theylaugh at me, wahahahaha....i hate my bus sometimes, and i just realised that most of the people in my workplace well most anyway smoke and lol that took me by surprise duh! soo young and of course i have seen so many young people nowadays smoking, but totally unexpected when all the people look like they are just 17. i look fifteen so many people tell me that so many that when i go to work, they stare at me like i'm some kind of child labour. lol. they do stare, and soon, i can use the micros machine to take peoples orders yeay, and i gota ask for my nametag or someting. lol, then i saw my friends there too, Gabriel i think or was it Fabien, nyway they are brothers.yep he's not my age lah, he's like 7 or 8 yers old. then he say, look its my friend! lol i was his friend lah.i didn't know. then he ask me, when i he turn 16, i turn like 23 or something, will i still work there? then he said he wants to work there, he said i should work there also so that he can work there with me, aww so sweet but i think by that time i'll be going to work somewhere new and he probably won't be working there.lol...okay i think i better stop typing and get this printed and posted cos i'm now too lazy to write in my diary.

Sunday, December 02, 2007
Hurtful hate

i hate it when i hate someone. feels like utter crap. especially when that other person seems to hate you back. damn. well, i guess since they don't know who i'm might be talking about, i might as well just spill.

I hate him, nt the other i know from school, bt from my workplace.

he is such a pig.
Sounds like i'm gonna be in big doo doo