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Saturday, November 24, 2007
prom pics

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
some prom nite 2007 photo's (more coming up)


back from work and back back from haircut...

actually the haircut i cut myself one so yea maybe nt really nice. Actually i'm supposed to post all the prom photo's that we took on 19 nov but currently i have no money to print it out in film so i'll hve to wait and so do you, and you're gona ask y not upload it: tha ans is tht i don't have the cable cos the normal usb cable cnt fit(to big).

today was fun but i'd rather get a evening job than afternoon, then walking back from the Mrt i saw felicia and then i went to library. I clndt get a book i wanted" the mcgowan boys" i want to reread it. Sadly no luck....then i went back, on the way back i saw Asri (my neighbour)"ikan BIllis" cos he liked to eat nasi lemak ikan billis.....then i went ntuc and bought soya bean drink cos i felt like it.And i also bought strawberry stufff for ERNY!!!!i'm gona give her a giveaway present at O'lvl result day....okay i think the rest of the information i wld leave to writing in my personal diary. TO CONFIDENTIAL TO BE LEAKED OUT!!! thats why i'm so happy now....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

its been THREE days since i started work at Globetrotters, fun place and fun people.

maybe except there is one guy. but i'm not HATE BLOGGING about him. NO POINT!!!

okay i want to say that i love working with brats, (opps sorry.... kids).
So 2day, i was working at the kidddy bar with these 4 kids aged 7,8,9. and other few. They were the noisy bunch. But responsive and open instead of the shy ones. Lol at first they ordered a sunday and they got one, they then got their parents to stay longer and they ordered another sundae(but they wanted to make it themselves.) so they did.well w/o the ice cream scooping. that part i did.

Okay so the good part comes when they were ordering their SECOND sundae, the service staff,Young or Yung or Yang took their order, " these two Brats wn some crushed nuts in their icecream so let them okay" and i laughed and the boys were sarcastic "Did he just call us brats" and i laughed at them..........lol....summarise, this guy is the good guy.

okay so the end when i was waiting for the bus with LI ting we were drinking our complimentary drinks and gossiping....yes gossiping loved it.... talked about how our judging by the cover was totally wrong. The so called cliqey girls were really very nice and the Young/Yung/Yang guy was not the proud guy i thought he was like, he was really helpful and nice. But the other one i'm not so sure, three days in a row i saw him and he's still like that, Then Li ting and i kept comparing then the more i hated this guy....lol...we both thought he was like too proud and we both laughed....as if we were drunk and then we talked more about prom and how we are going to stay up late at a "chalet" (yea rite we gonna thon) and we gonna be like that for the whole night and day....lol....

after that we met the nice girls on the way back home and the were gonna have a smoke but i don't really care that much because its just their lifestyle....okay so far thats the summary of my event full day. and not forgetting that YESTERDAY technically cos now its like 12;15 am IS MY SISTER"S BIRTHDAY

Happy Birthday Muni

Thursday, November 15, 2007
I have a confession...

alright i'm guilty so hang me now .....

i play LEGO games online!!!! there i said it.

kill me now! not yet...

here's proof i did play...i have a freaking account and i like to play puzzle games, (im a NERD) i know...and another girly game! this is embarassing...i'm turning pink already...

okay so thts it for now i guess.... i'm gonna get up like b4 2 2mr so tht i cn get ready for work ookay dada

i'm blogging again!

as you know, now is the time to change my blog skinn, its been long since i did tht and now after my o lvl i can do anything...

but i still kand of miss school because all the not studying makes me feel uncomfortable...and this year ERNY is going to canada for studies in 2008 and i'll probably be in polytechnic i hope to be a landscape architect (an architect for buildings is too hard).Time consuming

I am currently going to work, more about my work in the next posts and MAIN EVENT COMING: is the PROM!!!! ouh my i just hope its nt boring, i will totally post photos here cos what are they for!!! okay so now is like 1:48 on my clock in the morning nt afternoon. i can't really sleep so there, i am blogging, cos i just realised tht i have a forgotten blog abt it....later duded i gota find some blog skinns!!!!