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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
song title

maybe all that i cant have is what I wanna have?

that is the question I post to myself knowing what u cannot get is always what you really want, and when u get it, it gets all boring and you chuck it aside. Is that really being materialistic or is it just a phase that goes away?

prized possessions , are they really what we crave for?

composition of "the girl"

and now she comes out to be this girl she hardly ever known.
a girl whose dreams to be whatever she wants to be,
be it breaking promises or lying.

how does she go thru the phase,
being what she wants to be.
but deep inside, nobody knows,this dark secret of mine

searching fr hope
searching for laughter
and of all the things she could not have,
is the happy memory...
of her family...

all i wanna do is free that soul
all i wanna be is the guidance of them all.
being faithfull and oblivious,
she got betrayed...she got betrayed..

all i want is to be her guidance,
she being faithfull and oblivious,
all i want is someone to guide her thu...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
hmm.make it short...cos i really

okay so here it goes.

2dae i went to skul all drenched from the skirt down. i was wearing my windbreaker of course so i wasn't tht wet.

go to skul ride train and 169 bus. inside da bus so cool, inside mrt so warm. ahh...

go skul oso for u noe wad, maths rem...bt i finally heard the news i wanted. MR ANG is gonna get another job..woohoo...u noe wad...i hab been waiting for tht moment for a DAMN long time lah...


and as u can see, the rainbow of a thousand smiles.=)