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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

last night i cooked curry...too bland so i added sugar[its my secret ingredient] bt added a little too much...my father complained...like im not good enuf...enuf abt ystd...2dae is the brand new dae...

Tuesdae 28 nov 2006

i woke up at 9 to get ready for dance.
im bored so i went downstairs to buy newspaper bt don't have so i hack care
i went to the bus stop and saw this guy going to madrasah.
he try to act cool in front of me. as if he hensem liddat. caught him looking at me more than once. i stare back lah.

then wait for bus long long...shitt...coffee shop auntie come.she nvr smile one even though i smile...[maybe it has something to do with my attire] i was wearing all black.
then the usual at dance bt prep for CNY dance...y do they have CNY dance wen its just CNY...go home early lah...so easy...

do song to buttons by pcd.

i got to do sexy poses.i am not sexy lah....i not good poser.

then go home at arnd 2++
rode the bus 980...at the stop b4 yishun chong pang got this small ah beng ride the bus.
he wear white specs, black sneakers, dark blue splattered tee and dark faded jeans. his hair dye, chestnut + Coffee brown. looks okay...

another person that stare at me. so i stare back again...bt then i think to myself...wat da hell no need waste my energy.so i let him stare. i prayed that i got down first. i ask EU ARH>>>DO I LOOK INTIMIDATING?

Sunday, November 26, 2006
todae i did wad?

time now is 9.44 pm
well...i went to da library.and i wanted to borrow a book to read, but
then i realised that i had a huge fine costing $8.15
and the library didn't let me borrow any books. SHITT +O
then i went to buy chocolates at watsons and the vending machine
i got a SNEAKER CRUNCHER and M&M's..
then arnd 8.00
i practiced DaNcInG.
i love to dance.
especially when it comes to hip hop or pop
its wad i live for.
bt i was dancing to ballet.
perfecting or at least focus on my SYF
contemp dancing is hard for me cuz i don't have any ballet background
and i suck currently.
i cried and cried cus nobody believed in me.
i vow to prove them all wrong
bailed on 9.52pm


pics o wad i doin at hom

messy bedside
ooze toobe..+)

farni me

just woke up

MORNING its 11.03am
i really just woke up at arnd 10...stayed in my room until 11.
slept at 3 so tht makes...7..8......9 hours of sleep...cool...
wad i did in da middle of the night...
firstly i went to update this blog...lost all info....relost info
had to find a new bloggskinn....[currently using]
then sae bye to my cousin coz his bro wanna use...
then tok to my cousin again...ask him y he awake...he sae cnt sleep..
DEN HE ASK ME the same qns back wich i noe he would.[i said not to]
read a book...Anita BLake...nice story...got hooked to it.
den slept halfway..
BYE its 11.12

Saturday, November 25, 2006
i tried to change my blog skin

i did try to do a new bloggskinn...bt i was unsuccessful...cause i got lazy...

nice bloggskinns but lazy to change u noe so now i soo lazy tht i will add some stoopid pics onto this blog....next post gonna be better

a lot more pics the u can see on my friendster....


Friday, November 24, 2006
ranting shitt stuff

i am quite bored 2dae.so i will tok abt ystd

i went out to hangout with my friends
showed them who i met. stalker.

the daes b4. i went to malaysia JOHORE
i went to pelangi leisure mall
saw this singaporean family
they had two sons and father balding

i think u noe where im getting at

yes they are cute, i noe, u noe that i was gonna sae tht

and so lets continue

yeah, they were like cute but the older brother was cuter
luckily i was wearing a nice outfit, real cute not like minah bt nice like u noe those minnie mouse
[i didn't dress like in pokkadotts]
i was like minding my own damn business nvr saw them ntill the older bro bumped into me like a lot of times.


then everywhere i go i saw them...at first i was like the hell like i care

bt then u noe,i grew on them.
and i hate it...

ever since OBS, i become more feminine, like i used up all my testosterone on a camp...
i am a gurl by the way....i am not like all girls.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
OBSIDIAn butterfly

a world also known as my own,
a world full of lies and mysteries
my only desire is through those bars of that small window
the window i stare upon the whole day
waiting for "the" arrival

i lack of nourishment as i know what fate has lie upon me
food has no value to me who has done wrong
do some good, donate it to those poorer than me
those who need it more than i do

i fear what god has in store
for when i go
i will leave deeper scars in the hearts of my beloved

i repent on what sins i have done
for i know the time has come
the final weigh in

i step on this stool waiting for a change
this rope is my destiny
the rope to
....My Death

Snow White Queen