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Saturday, September 23, 2006
new SONG...[Torn In Two] Acustic

[Torn In Two] Acustic
-my heart beats for
this song i wrote is for the two people i am torn between
names who i don't know, my mystery
but everytime i see them
-my heart beats for
so this song
goes out
to them
[Opening tune]
Does it happen,
When a heat beats so fast.
How could it happen,
this feeling that will not last.
I feel my heat breaking into pieces
How could it happen ,
When there's two of them
Cause baby
My heart beats for
the things that i lack,
My heart beats for,
the people behind the scenes of what is
of what is
Infactuation, a meaning for love
turns to addiction, an obsession
when does it happen,
my heart keeps beating faster
how could it happen,
when there's two of, two of them
cause baby
My heart beats for,
the things that i lack,
My heart beats for
someone who truely care,
My heart beats for
people behind the scenes of what is
[repeat chorus]
behind the scenes of what is.
does it happen.
-a tune on the guitar

Saturday, September 16, 2006

to my friend.we all miss euu very much

STARINg right in to thosE EYES

[ Silky Crimson Ribbon] Acustic

(intro tune)

Draped among the roses,
A silky crimson ribbon,
Seeping through the open wound of her delicate heart,
Imprinted by this world of turmoil and confusion,

*this seductress of the night,
disguised in a sleek attire,
descreetly hunts her pray,
unaware of the vicious plans,
among the silky crimson ribbon

**Men fall at her feet to kiss her,
Unaware of her wicked trap
That will leave them all scarred and torn
Bitter all inside

(repeat *)

(ending tune)