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Sunday, July 30, 2006

a tip from a me and my gurlfrens [not from skul],

anyway i'm bored so i guess wat am i gonna do...
so these tips are for those who like someone and are not able to tell them, if u do plucker up
the courage to tell them, then tips 1 is the thing for you.

tip 1: find places which are interesting and relaxing places where not many ppl noe abt.or at least
somewhere special for you to show her

tip 2: bt first u have ta have a close relationship with her like at least make her your "best friend" or close friend. So she won't feel that scared.

tip 3: wat made u think of this in the first place? puberty?....hormones? it's okay man....i understand

tip 4: don't tell her now or unless u think she's gonna leave ya all...then do it.do it at da end of the yer or at least after ur o' level.

make a resolution make a goal...don't break it unless u really nid ta.

Saturday, July 22, 2006
to the guy in the bus...

the way u look at me through those glasses
the way i await ur return on the buses
at times i wonder
what it would be like to sit beside you
the one i want to talk to so much

you are the guy in white, who rides the bus at around 6:56am
i don't know which school u are from raffles/SJI?
well i just know tht u were there when i was on the bus since last year.
and guess what...i think ur cute yeah thts wat i said.
i think this is the first time im saying this on the blog and i have nvr said it to anyone.
i think im gonna puke for a while

cos i didn't think tht was me

and yes i said tht and i meant it.
and im changing along the way.
losing my composure.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

well well well wat do we hab here...
a visitor aye...

kay wat i am gonna sae will suck alot to the dancers in my group...practically...ur not up to task and standard...
i got so stressed about it i don't even wanna noe the outcome...
kicking u all out would be the best choice back then but look now...
put in all ur efforts and of course ur flair
i wanna see all be seductive and happy during the day

don't make me do things i don't want to.

aye> today we danced and our teacher bought a stupid cap tht looks aweful and sick man.
soo childish and watever lah...and of course emily can u stop complaining...its good enuf tht we have let u in...it was not our bloody choice u noe...so bitch off asshole...don't make the situation worse


Tuesday, July 18, 2006
This Is

well today wasn't quite as i expected it to be. They were all behaved and well scared of us. me especially. what did they expect me to be so damn friendly that they can just step over my head? no way man. it ain't my style.

i guess skul was okay and all is well. mr pillay's english class was hillarious but awfully fun to be in.
PLAY DOUGH here we come.
did u know that playdoughs smell nice well okay i guess bt better than plastercine alright.
we promised to be extra nice to him as he was judged by an moe teacher thingy. i guess that is to see how he wes doing.

and i am gonna share wat i found out 2dae.

#Tip 1
Pizza's are filling so do not eat too fast. Can cause indigestion.

#Tip 2
Burning a cd-rw is longer than a cd-r. [i got so frustrated that i cancelled it, too slow]

#Tip 3
Guy who have the tendancy to act cool in front of a gurl is highly overated but especially true.

#Tip 4
Strange Guys in the bus who talk to you pretending to have a nice conversation is dangerous. They wanna ask for your number.
[i have ever experienced that]

#Tip 5
i have run out of it so do mind me....i have to get more....2mr

okay now its time to snooze and 2mr will be a brand new day
and its the SPEECH DAY rehersals...damn


Sunday, July 16, 2006

a sketching i drew abt the -CRi company






if only

we could meet to cause chaos and mischief

to disturb peace and revolution

not exactly...

careful wat i wish for

ain't ur doll


everyday a new beginning

everyday a new beginning and a new challenge to face
a face i would put to all.
a face so far from despair that i am that sacrifice
i have to make in that short period of time.

stress from dance is all i have to make my last blood boil.
look at wat i have become. nothing bt shit. proving my innocense
i feel that everyone in the world is falling on me losing hope slowly bt surely as my future fades they think. but i strive hard to keep tht in pace tht i can do well enough
they think i m useless and a nobody and so we are.


well well well...what do we have here...
a visitor aye...
nonetheless....WELCOME TO MY BLOG
a roughless case of the jimmies a guess...(you don't need to noe)
okay so well...an advise column, diary of events, and most probably
you are welcome to comment, tag or anything other.
and lastly...wait for the next return.

-demolish my soul, i'll demolish urs