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Friday, August 28, 2009

i guess i never realised how much you have never left my life.
and for that i thank you.
i will never forget the way you smell good and delicious everyday.
i hope i never forget the way i used to find that scent in the stores.
i would never forget the day i thought u were behind me but all that was was just someone else with the same scent.
and that was just your smell that lingers in my nose.

Monday, August 24, 2009

thanks to bloc party for keeping me company throughout the weekend.
thanks to snacks that keep me satisfied and quite all night long alone.
thanks to sofi for giving me all the old school songs located on youtube.
thanks to anthony(even though he dnt know) for introducing me to mgmt.
thanks to mama for giving me the cold shoulder. nyeh.
everything i do is wrong.

but thanks mostly to god, for making me calm down and not freak out about submission hour even though i did a lot of last min work. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

leaving me high and dry, thats is all they do. that is why i fear going down that particular road. i dont like it. it makes me unhappy and depressed. maybe all this while, that feeling has been fuel to my existence. my motivation to move out of the phase and carry on living a life i want. a life that is not affected by all these bullshit. but sadly i realise that i cannot run away from it anymore. it will haunt me when i'm 50 years old, saggy and still unmarried. who knows. sometimes, i take what life throws at me, but sometimes breathing it in is just too hard to go through the system.

if i ever get desperate, slap me out of my wits ends.
if i ever tell you that you are a fucker, i mean it.
for every time i call you that, it breaks my heart that you have betrayed my thought.
for i had trusted you so with all i had.

and then you came crashing back on me.
invading all personal spaces and breaking all promises.

(ps: i suddenly decided to write this, in case i forget the words)

Monday, August 10, 2009

What is beautiful, yet cannot be touched?

What is always there, but never really around?

What is it that makes you smile, yet no one truly understands?

What is it that makes it beautiful?

Sunday, August 09, 2009

hey, ive just completed umm....

what did i complete anyway?
but i want to thank all my friends for coming down to support me :) sayang korang sumer tau!
jenny, it means i love you all you know. hahahaha

i will post the pics maybe later or smth, idk, my mood depends on my projects nowdays. and today was a rough day. but canlaha.

hahahaha go go jia you my nameless band!!!