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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


happy celebeating the month of syawal. for we have again relieved the moth of ramadhan with perseverence and patience. its full of barraqah i tell u.

smile for the world.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

seems like everyone loves themselves.*hint hint.

so do i.
i love the way my body moves freely,
especially when i ge caught up in movements.
songs carry me away into their rhythm.
their beat so intoxicating.
i pump my MP3 with songs of many kind, cept for ones that i dance to.

it's a groove.
take it to the next level, i wanna be what i can dream to be.
a dancer.

Friday, September 26, 2008
i like this...

What Your Name Says About You

Your name says that you are mostly:

Unconventional but unstable

Your name also says you are:

Ambitious but stubborn

Charismatic but impulsive

Glamorous but snobby

Nasuha Sarah Hamdi's Aliases

Your movie star name: Prawn Crackers Chumari

Your fashion designer name is Nasuha Italy

Your socialite name is Fattybombom Singapore

Your fly girl / guy name is N Ham

Your detective name is Sheep Peirce

Your barfly name is Cereal Kickapoo

Your soap opera name is Sarah Yishun Avenue 5

Your rock star name is Fruitella Angels

Your Star Wars name is Nascal Hamand

Your punk rock band name is The Indecisive Superglue

Thursday, September 25, 2008
save me from my sorrow

i've been busy

i've been home

i've been empty

i've felt useless

i've felt unwanted

i've been missing people

what i felt for the past month, is listed there. but what wasn't listed...

i'm happy now.

i've to dedicate this to all my friends. for they missed me so, as i do miss them. makes me wonder, why i have doubted my existence all along. gaga is on the way to recovery, thank god. i will pray that he will have the strength to carry through this for both of them. he too has helped me in gaining back my sanity. for mentally i had brokedown in mawai. thanks. FarLOL, Jenny, Fikri, Andric is a force to be reconned with. 1 semester and we're already like this. what more after graduation? i already miss everyone, yep including you(who is reading this). ily.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

that is what i thought, when i first opened up my blog.

i already told you i was a nobody, but there was always someone that believed that i can be somebody...


and He has given me good friends that i should cherish. i realise i could die anytime, and the thought of leaving shatters my heart to a million pieces. because i wont be able to tell everyone how much i really treasure them. i won't be able to beg for forgiveness from my parents whom i have sinned so much to. just like i promised i would this year. now i cry my eyes out, just at the thought of dying, and leaving so much things left unsaid behind.

he has already shown me that He is great.

he gave me courage to start a shop

awesome friends i should cherish

an awesome starting for this year i have repented my ugly ways.

if i dont change myself, who will...

Monday, September 22, 2008

well, one thing for sure is thar, i have a fine from the school library which i hvnt paid cos they hvnt found the disc. how i dispise going back to school just to fill in a "claimed return form" at the counter.....oh well, its the month of Ramadhan and it is full of barraqah so i will not question this obstacle that has befallen on me during this holy month. Oh well, i guess i'll be short in the finance area for a while...

i miss everyone, my classmates from DLA who have made the best classmates i've had for a really long time, the indon-girl-who-went-to-study-in-canada-named-Erny and syarf, hah!

take that Erny, you have a long name!

okay, so my life has been an exciting rollercoaster for a while going on with the blogshop and the hits i've been getting on that one day. advertising is key!

i'm ranting arn't i....

oh well, it's my blog and i'll do what ever i want...so...

this post ends here(:

Friday, September 19, 2008
MY NEW SUEDE SHOES (figuratively speaking)



these shoes are gonna be the best hari raye shoes ever!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

well, i'm trying to look for a job, but time does not permit. well, at least when i am at home, i wont have to spend much.

not painting the wall....not in the mood.

so i painted my training tee, which is my test canvas for the designs. haha, i just started...

created a logo, a banner, and a whole new look to the website.

that is what i did...and also test on the new designs.

i miss dancing with my best friend.

Saturday, September 13, 2008
write me some love notes

okay, i'm officially like going broke if i go on like this. spending money on fast food, and of course my beloved tidbits....ARGHHHH oh how i love my sweet tooth, but i just don't like it when i have guilty conscience after that. of course, my body does not really care about the guilty conscience, so what the hey....

i'm trying to get a new pair of jeans from bedok,
buy some bags for resale at my shop
retrain myself to have decent "guns."
curb my sweet tooth,
learn and restring the stoopid guitar which i really named "stoopid".
and try not to withdraw my money. arghh!!!! this is tougher than i tot it would be.

ok, so i'm waiting for the photoshoot,( my own of course for the blog shop, mind you i'm not fit enough to be cover model for singapore's seventeen hehe) not that i will ever be...HAIRSPRAY...MAKEUP...DRESSES....LIPSTICK...and LOCATION...how cool does that sound.....it sounds PRETTY DARN COOL to me...!!!!

okay, i better write down my marketting strategy. pray alrite!:)

Monday, September 08, 2008
weehee, first paint job, or so i'm trying to...

i'm changing my room, layout, to colours, to experimentations.

i've so far done all the moving and throwing of items(furniture, papers, books etc) so right now i'm doing the spray painting on the wall...if it does not work....i'll gladly paint it over, yes new paint job for one wall! how cool does tht sound nas?

okay so i've started only on the face and eyes, not done yet...but it looks like this.

right now i'll need lots of black, brown, white paint.

i'm missing...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

can i love you?
because i need no reason to.



i still feel a little empty, but i'm fine. my laughter is replaced with much vigor, i know, that it is not faltering now, i miss my best friend. and i vow to meet her every two weeks at our special spot. i will create a best friends series of shoes for my online shop, and we will be the models for it. (anyone interested? tag my board and leave your link or email!) well its definitely applicable to ppl living in SG. i'm glad that i'm back. though some things is still a blur to me, i'll just smile.it will come back to me again.some day at least.

it is great having good friends around you to make you constantly laugh and have fun.

yesterday was seriously the worst fun day ever.

and i loved the rain on me.

it made me smile to heaven.

Friday, September 05, 2008

a best friend is like your soulmate, there is this instant chemistry, where you both seem to run together. it is like when acid meets alkali, they are both different in terms of properties uses, but both of them when come together, become neutral. they see things the same way, and they understand each other. when one is sad, the other tries to make you laugh, to make your emotions tide toward happiness. when the other is troubled, the other instantly fall into a listening ear, hoping that in turn he will gain serenity and clear mind at the end.

they don't count on things happening, because they know they both will understand. they make a difference to each others lives, and then you cant imagine life without him or her. what happens when tomorrow you don't get to see them, what if? say it now and mean it, before they are gone for good. and there is one thing i will never regret, for i have already met you.

this post was all inspired by Syarfiqah and Andric(the guy who taught me 112 ways to say ILY)


i'm sorry iffa, nad for getting the mood yae low yesterday and today. its my sincere apology. we need a session again soon. i have some things to tell, and i'm needing a break...

so help me God, for i am at your mercy.

let me SHOUT

seriously, what i'm feeling has got a lot to do with it. i miss my friends. ):

want some honesty? i'm irritated. all this time, its been accumulating, it has been accumulating for so long, and theres no influence, no devil playing with my mind. so its just me, pure emotions.



Monday, September 01, 2008

it's the month of Ramadhan. the month of repent and remorse.

hopefully, i am strong enough to get through this and not repeat my past. you know, i'm starting to realise that poly life and meeting my circle of friends now has given me a better insight and influence on me. one thing, i now know, that wherever u are God is with u all the way. when u walk towards the wrong path, God will lead you back to the right one. Being in this course has given me a new perspective about a lot of things. God creates beautiful things. He only dishes what he knows you can overcome. You might have hated God along the way, but He loves you just the way you are and forgives you, and then deep down inside, you know you love Him too.

I'm thankful he gave me such good pals. Syarf, Iffa, Nad, Athira, Izzah, Andric, Jenny, Gaga, Cassie. Thanks Athira, because of you i pray to God frequently now. I've seen what he can do if i just believe in everything.

I realised that i have never begged for forgiveness to my parents during the morning of Syawal, even though the thought has crossed my mind many times. I wish to change that. And this year i will ask for their forgiveness, because i want to become a better daughter and a better me. I've changed a lot of my bad habits, distance myself from all those sinful things, and i hope many other will realise it too, before it is too late.

I am a muslim, and here i praise God, Allah. But i also am talking about general. If you believe in God, i'm sure you have felt the same way towards him. I am not posting a propaganda, but i just wanted to share with you, what i feel today. On the first day of the fasting month.