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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

bear with me please cos im ranting.

tell me why, i'm beginning to wither
even in the sun, i shiver.
cos the thought of you
is breaking my heart in two
then i saw you...

walking in the streets one day,
i begin to openly say
to myself
your so beautiful,
life is sweet.
you have made my life complete

but this all has to end one day,
cos i'm no more,
here to stay..

tell me why, this had to end this way,
when i saw you,
i was floating
seeing you look into the sky.

looking at me as i flew high,
my heart just stopped, i faded away

an accident took my precious life away
the taxi
before i could tell you what i've found

cos i've searched high and low,
in my deepest hollow
and the answer i got
was to follow.

its too late now don't you see?
cos i'm dead now, and it's too late to feel...

-its my unlucky day peeps. but i take it as a rainbow. it goes away and comes again...looking better everytime after.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

i miss my late grandfather...

i miss my grandmother...

i wished i had been more closer to them, but these special memories i have with them is the best i can ask for. i'm sad that i realise how precious life is now, and that we can leave anytime. even right now.
how can i not treasure every minute i have with the people i really love and want to remember?

i dread the day i will recieve a letter or a call from someone whom i don't know, telling me that you're gone?

how i will dread that i would have not been angry at you at all.

but its gods wish to take you back, cos he'll love you more than i can.

i'm sad now, i need a cheer me up....

for now i'm on a strike with blogger whom, is choosey and doesn't want to upload my pictures to my blog properly. so for now it'll be like rotting banana's. please bear with it okay guys, it's only for 3 days...hehehe.

gary, if you are reading this, whats up with the missing the girl? i wanna know too, if not i'll try to ask amanda if she knows anything about the girl you're missing so much...teehee...

iffa says for me to find a boyfriend soon but i think i'd rather stay single for now, i'd be perfectly fine w/o one. Iffa when are you going to have a boyfriend?

cassie, have you forgiven gary? i hope so cos it's hard not to forgive, even though i'd kill gary if he ever said that again, i'd never kill him cos he's my joke buddy! and with a joke buddy i'll need a laughing buddy, that is DEFINITELY you babes!

erin, teehhee. so sweet this girl. she super hyper, and likes the song "I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE" TEEHHEE. Sorry erin, i think ever since you've been friends with us you have been a little corrupted. CORRECTION, alot corrupted....

gaga, yo mama jokes are now so out of fad, we gonna have yo mama jokes in next semester alrighties? man , i still remember the SWAY DAY you had seh. like super super unlucky. kesian!

ronn, aka abang. totally rocks! teehee eh, i'm your sister okay, so this is a compliment. since you always give me compliments too seh. ronn, don't be late for school, its bad for health! teehee, its bad for ur reputation and results. i'll tell your girlfriend to make sure you sleep. anyway, HAPPY ADVANCE ANIVERSARY!!!
so something sweet for her.

cassie! be sure to laugh cos if you ever stay quiet again, it'll be the end of me.
gary must tell me more jokes that sounds dirty cos it's fun,
iffa must not be emo by gaga's songs! its all gaga's fault if iffa's quiet!
gaga, is too not stressed and i've never seen him panick before.
ronn, i go buy you a cushion seh so you can sleep in class when you want to.
erin, your blogskin is on the way i'm just test trying it so that it fits....this is going to be so cool!


i know this blog will be visited and somehow, i try hard to filter everything i do and say in this blog. erasing the sadness and mostly not blogging about it, cept the happy memories i have with my friends.

all i got to say is that i am going to unfilter this, say whatever i want from this post on. weather im fucked up to paranoid to happy, .

this floor is freaking cold, cos im lying on it and now im shivering.(take my sleeping bag out*)

moving on, as i was saying...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


yesterday we went to school as usual, (nas, like duh, its practically school time everyday now, get over it!!!) hehe totally, and part 2 of cam whoring began straight after school! but before the whole cam whoring shenanigans appear and u get all prissy excited about it, i'm going to tell you that our ICES project totally rocks(can u feel my sarcasm? aww)

well, 2day was better, cos we finally did something out if the dotts we made!!! wanna see it...here

nas's(my) model is this one, look like freaking stadium....

cassie's( i like hers seh, like freaking nice ah, so, artistic)if u duno who cassie is, check previous posts!


i'm telling you this is fun!

gary! super pose can! this is so glam, like *muah perfecto. true genius in expressive art! hehe
cam whore half gay men...slogan for gary by gary, be gay be gary!
another gary photo, get out of frame lah, i want take ur pasta!

see the food not blurred but the person blurred
the whole story is that, we were broed nothing to do, so we went to art friends...but which one to go, that is the question.... tick tock tick tock...decided on the train!

while deciding, we ranted on yo. mama jokes! teehee! (TAKE NOTE 2MR IS SHOWDOWN!!!@ MOBERLY). WE GOT SHUSHED in the train by some ns weirdo but we still continued laughing all the way... to taka art friends! hehe
cassie and gary were superly undecided to buy either the file or the (you)tube that can be adjusted...haha, i bought a file for erin cos she wanted one...we tried calling her but to no avail cos i think she was hung up on her bf on the phone! hehe

then we went too border's cos cassie wanted to go....buy thhis ehem stuff for special.p nice photo right...secretly take cos i scared cnt take photos in borders! hehe...
shh..i also can keep this secret....*beep

hehe...(uploading th pds gary)
finally seh after like almost half an hour of putting up with a blogger who hates me so much, this blog can finally be completed in peace......sheeh gary, ur pds skills so great sia until can smile like boasting seh, i also can, (iput nail in the middle of the umbrella then spin it around)
are you guys hungry? we were hungry seh, whoa like hungry hungry, super hungry!
where do we go when there is not much choices for halal spread? go eat anywhere! so we ate at pastamania.
guess which of the following foods did i eat? (cassie and gary opinion dont count cos they know)
dont be surprised when u look at this, but it kind of grossed me out, luckily i have finished my portion of food, like im not telling you what i ate ppl!
gary: OMG! nas! cassie! look at this! its a cunt!
cassie: OMG nas! thats seriously gross
nas: luckily i'm allergic to clams & mussels. sick.
cassie & gary: nas take picture take picture, post in ur blog...
nas: okay!!!*snap*snap*
then it was already late by then. almost 9++ so we went home by train...bounced back to marina bay cos we wanted seats! KIASU. enjoy the rest of the pics guys, cos we had tons of fun-ness in cam whoring!!!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

first and foremost!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!

well, want to know what happened yesterday in my oh-so-interesting life?

the day, started when i was bored at home, then i realised that maybe today is the jenny's bday celebration....i'll tell you frankly, i hate class politics and in my old school, class politics and where you stood was important to your social skills...and guess what i was and where i stood in class ranking? the kind of antisocial kiddo so i'm a little nervous at going to the gathering where i am not very close to them...

i smsed cassie, gary, iffa, sam, asking them if they were going to celebrate...but none of them were free to go, and so, due to previous class politics, i decided to socialise myself in the group. . . (hey i wasn't at all this open you know) cassie smsed me this...since she had jamming with her band she clnd come.

i told her about the class politics, and how i hated it....and since im now in poly, might as well start afresh right? (cue to press the refresh button*)...

but soon, my doubts were lifted cause, my new found friends were FUN FUN FUN!!!! honestly, they are all so cute...there's "sorry sorry paiseh paiseh" teck leong, yan xin "dun like tom yum" , nad "sabo queen", mae" sabo cocktail queen", cherry"eat eat more", ee en" super cute shy girl!", jenny"lucky bday girl, unlikely to kanna sabo. then there was fikri and atiqah "fedora and best mate" hehe, all so cute seh, i like!!!

there was grilling grilling and more grilling, grilling till we were full to our pitts!!!!

now it is time for the most noisiest game that can be played in a restaurant. numbers in range!!!! hehe guess the number and if ur the unlucky one to get it right, you totally lose!!!! okay to now show you the concoction and the wonderful stages that has been played.

look at the priceless expressions...

base concoction: 1. tadpoles, chendol jelly, orange coloured sugar syrup, milk, peach tea, ice.

addition, at stages: 2. coke and tom yum soup

3. ice-cream

4. ginseng soup.

5. add more water...

6. tofu.

thats about it cos the concoction was as salty as it is already, sour, spicy, sweet all at once...."the spicy sweet and sour"

well i cnt post any more pictures because blogger has some issues with me apparently, only selecting which photo's of the five im trying to upload!...well then again next time...


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

omigosh!! the boy next door is hot!!! he knows me lah!!! 2 guys in my head is very very overcrowding....he's 4 mths younger than me. The other guy is hot too, super cute....

he held the lift for my mum and i, i noticed the lift hanging open, someone peeking out. recognised him immediately, so rushed... then in the lift...mum talked to him, i listened to the conversation. argh he makes me feel comfortable, cosy, ...then he went out when it reached his floor. said bye. then he glanced at me, but door was ald closing, cldnt say gdbye. it was when he left my heart lingered. It wavered. It...everything that has to do with affection from the heart thingy.....

Sunday, April 13, 2008


we are the three DLA cam whorers who love to take crazy unglam photos before the glamsquad comes and invade the camera.... all vying for the acclaimed title of being the best model in the area!!! ahahaha i'm talking utter crap right now and i *tatally love it...(this is the second time im editing this post because of writers block just now!!!)

we travelled to bras basah complex to go buy our *tatally random materials for our work station 2mr. excited bunch of fool we are!!! GAYING WITH PHOTOS!!! the whiteboard we bought like super super super cute. different whiteboards lah.hehe our work desk whiteboards, mines a cow, iffa's a chick and gary is a monkey!!!
went to arts friends...look like super spotlight lah...cool props and cool stuff there...but no money to buy it... i found cherry stencil and stamp there....but waste money lidat if buy it... look upthere, its a christmas tree waiting for green to come and paint splatter her... hehe,, stupid pics to take but what fun is life if you don't enjoy every minute of it? laughters the best medicine *tatally!!!
super glam pose!!! we have our glam and not glam but now i'm waiting for iffa to send the pics over so that i can post it...hahaha...love that i now have tons of pics to post and mostly i love tht now my blog is not rotting banana words...

polo giant spokespeople!!! haha "eat away the pepermints! for a fresher breath!" so cute right? (if no:there ppl i duno them...unknown...haha)

oh my oh my...im so lazy to post....so these pics will do for now can!!!! i later got inspiration to rant then i will go ahead ok!!!...hahahaha

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have something to let go from my chest but I hope this is where my peace come to a start… I don’t want to live in the world full of hatred and full of misunderstandings. I hope if hao fong reads this it was because of his wonderful book title that he lent me (although he never read it finished).
Why? It’s because of my mother’s attitude that bugs me, but recently I don’t care anymore. She has favouritism in the family and apparently I’m not the perfect child for her. I can honestly tell you that, my sister knows that my mother only calls me, never to ask good things or just how am I today… I know she does care, cause she’s my mother! Duh… she call me frequently just to do errands and scolds me for being on the computer (my lappy) for very long…errands I do, when all of my other siblings are nearer to her. “SUHA! JEMUR THE KAIN!! SUHA! LIPAT THE KAIN!”(translation: SUHA! HANG THE CLOTHES! SUHA FOLD THE CLOTHES!!!”)
Then when she’s not satisfied, she will take it out on me, telling me that I’m useless in the house and I only know how to stay in front of the computer only, and only make people life worser cos I don’t do the job well.
This is why I hate going home, I hate going home to only just be nagged at to do the household chores when I do the job right and complain silently.
I hate it when my mom buys me mens M size when I wear a mens s or a womens L sized clothes…its too big for me and I don’t wear them…. I love my sister to death for trying to tell my mom that I’m not that fat anymore, I’m now slimmer than I was a year back…but she just shrugs it off like I meant nothing… what bothers me is that she doesn’t understand me enough. She doesn’t know my dress sense because she doesn’t know me. The last tiff I had with her was when I felt she was lying to my teacher that she told me that I could do better…. I cried in front of my teacher and walked away halfway through the convo, cos it was too much to handle. I had a major tiff and it lasted for more than 3 days before we were trems with each other, but she never once said I’m sorry to me, she NEVER said that word. I said sorry and her reply was, Oh it’s okay!….I WAS SUPER FREAKING PISSED THAT I WAS GOING TO TELL HER to *toot off her sorry ass and freaking apologise to me!


The last one #4 was the turning point I saw in the book hao fong lent me for a while, it was to understand who I was, and why I was here…I know it’s a christian book but it mAKES sense….
I believe God made me stay in here for a reason right? He’s the one I need to please and if I’m happy, He too is happy for me. I love Him to bits and I’m sure he loves me too. I love my mother, but I just can’t seem to make her understand me, she snoops and spies and does all things teens hate, she was once a teen too and of course she wld want her privacy too right? I don’t mind her snooping but, BUZZ OFF!!!!
I’ve let out steam but this isn’t the end….cos I know, its only halfway through the starting line….


see how bored i am at home doing nothing but play on the laptop and cleaning and printing photos out!!!!!! this is totally cool can!!!

hehe so cool!!!! i love doing nothing but making fun of myself!!!!kidding, i'm SUPER bored!!!

super cool batu pose!!! batu in malay means rock, and thts my horns peeps!!! show me some love!!!
stacks of printed photos waiting to be delivered to the owners...top left:gaga, sam,gary bottom left: cassie, nas, iffa
trapped in a matrix world where i have so stupidly surrender to forces of my webcam!!!

now goodbye peeps i'm off to go and dance out of boredom, have to realease energy somewhere right.... u bastards! u actually want me to go take more pics and make fun of myself? go do it urself!
p.s. i still love you guys im not mad!

Friday, April 11, 2008

cassie's pics and sams cldnt be upladed yet...try again later ok!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

SAM IS SUPER TRYING TO BE CUTE! shaha to this shorty, here comes the squatting 90cm man!

flag day today is like super super tiring can...(shaha i sound like GARY CAN!)
we were stationed at the dhoby ghaut area, but when we got there like almost 9.30, many were already there collecting donations...like alot of Sp-ians can.....

so we walked and split up to two teams to go find pplwho wanted to donate...

so along the way met the crazy textile indian uncle who thought of nothing to give us a stupid lecture on how to go flag day...then may go and tell him off...u go girl!!!

idiotic textile man...

then went all the way to orchard, to also find so many people there...crazily enough we were daring enough to do i got peace by the river in front of far east to passing strangers...haha...got even a caucasian man who filmed us with his camcorder! SO MALU CAN!!!

then went to woodlands causeway point to collect more donations...

then after that after around 1.5 hrs at woodlands we made our way back to dover! hehe, ron, iffa, hendrick, gary, cassie, and another girl was already aiting for gaga and me...hahahaha!!!!!

then off we went to go count money!!!!!

while waiting, we played locco rocco on iffa's PSP...haha uber cute! SUPER SUPER WANNA MAKE ME BUY PSP!!!

but expensive seh

take idiotic pics.....like this one blur one...the some of very little we had!

fidgeting freaks! Iffa and Nas

Hehe, today was a totally slacking day at school. We went there because we didn't want to go to BE GAMES THINGY! like totally old cause we already did the games during our BE CAMP!
so we brought out laptops and PSP's tothe KFC corner...since we were afraid, well mostly we didn't want to habg out at the Club House because of the tearing underwear incident...

the the guys at the top picture there? the back one cute right? of course lah,, call him chio, but he dun like so i call handsome loh.

then the x-tra one in front was supposed to not be in frame... but somehow he busybody go in...haha, kaypo kia! the one not looking at the cam is GARY, the beloved, funny dude who loves loco rocco...hehe(tht game name i ask from gary since i only know it as fat fat bird...)...

so we hung out at KFC saw Keith and Ari eating there...then saw us, ask why we not in the games, than we ans, slacking! like there wsn't even a DLA or DARCH soul anywhere! cept us anyway...

SO then play, wait till Sam caame from his NAPFa thingy...went to library..


watch comedy and youtube surfing....!xobile, achmed and gansta, emo, ninja stuff...

watch SYTYCD with GARY, like super nice can!


took pics for out workstation...

short of it all, it was a crazy day!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Eh guys from DLA!!!

we rock man! cassandra! yifa!(hehe, i know its iffa), gary! sam! gaga! we rock man!

okay i rock but you guys are rocker's accomplice, I LOVE PEACE!!!! SHIMS I LIKE!!!!(cept unoehu, iffa dont tell) we had loads of fun today right babes?sorry, mates!!!!

cassandra, u have a very contagious laughter!!! ur tee rocks man! mon suxs!

we super noisy in the com lab and kanna shushed by the lecturer many times!...

but my work space is like super not cool, no u guys for me to disturb...wahahaha!!! all boring!!1 but we'll have lunches together right? and breakfast and dinner and wadever we feel like!!

we take loads of photo's can? my blog is begining to rot like banana's...

forgot to take pics in the BE clubie! and forgot to take RAMBUTANS pics...


hehe, famous cherry is here...skye tnx ah for teaching me tht dirty forfeit, its stuck in my head now!!!! WATERMELON WATERMELON!!!

okay okay i will post some pics 2mr cos we rock! (correction, i rock!) ur my accomplices!!!


Saturday, April 05, 2008


well today our classgathering we went to Fuji Ice Palace to go ice skating, unfortunately i was the only girl there but what the hay !!!I still had super loads of fun!!! There was Yew Lee, Ren Zhi, Ken, LuqmaNurse Man, Alvin, Xuan Yi, Hao Fong, Nicholas, Fei Yu, Ser Han and Me!

Hehe fell loads of times, we talked about stupid boring school stuff, tht seemed interesting at tht moment and talked about DOTA, haha and JC and NARA's BF!!!! we also duno who...

Then we made our way towards theice rink after taking our skates....super fun lah, see alvin fall. then renzhi fell next...then i fell... my whole shirt as wet by the end,(now i
m drying my wet pants) it was wet on both sides...

Then i went home, cause i promised to be home by 7, while they went to bishan to go eat dinner! DAMN RICH BASTARDS!!!!

lol they super rich sial! like cn go out eat everyday!
i now need to save my allowance to get my materials for poly projects, i'm sure its expensive sial!!!!!!

(sial ah! now sound like keith, bodoh!!!! BOM CHEEKA BOM SIAL!!!!)

hahax, SIOLisLOVED.....

Skye our GL!!!! Amirah!!!!



okay it ends here,
to cousin,
okay cuzzie we lunch okay?


Friday, April 04, 2008


B.E be the best camp ever!


To: GL's Skye a.k.a Sun/Squirrel and Amirah a.k.a Stoner!!!

thanks for the wonderful 4 days while we were at the camp! we had a blast!

together with Barbarossa, we were cool and hip, but not the strongest groups out of all, but we were tight yaw!!! Mummy even loves us all! hehe, lets do the Yi Han pose! so vouge!
lets give three cheers to the GL's of the camp! Hip Hip HOrray! Horray! Horray!!!!

Three cheers for three cheers to the OC's Hip Hip Horray!! Horray! Horay!!

but most of all we campers rock the house man! sing along the coastline cos we're cool!!!



to our buddy group, Peter Blood we love you guys!!!!